Olive Wood Soap Dish

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A stunning natural olive wood soap dish! Handmade in Germany.

Each soap dish is unique as it is carved from a piece of olive wood. Made from a retired olive tree that produces no more olives.

This soap dish has water draining holes.

Size for Regular model: Length approx. 12 cm Width approx. 7 cm Height approx 4 cm.

Size for Large model: Length approx. 14 cm Width approx. 9 cm Height approx 5 cm.

Size for Large model: Length approx. 16 cm Width approx. 10 cm Height approx 5 to 6cm.

Each dish is unique with unique characteristics. Sizes and shapes vary slightly. Please rinse a few times before use to remove some of the natural oils.

Care instructions: Oil your soap dish before use with coconut oil or any vegetable oil available. Renew this operation from time to time. This will nourish the wood and protect it from mould.

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